Ralph Riber


Business degree with 20 years experience as CEO and board director within privately provided healthcare, care and education. He has been a board member in Aleris, CEO for Internationella Engelska Skolan and CEO for Ambea. Chairman of Atleva.

Matilda Axlind


EMBA Business degree with an extensive career as a Certified  Public Account and Director within KPMG. Currently an independent consultant with assignments including CFO for Atviva since 2020.

Sara Karlin


Business degree with long experience from building and growing businesses. Chairman of Atvexa and Atviva. Board member in Yepstr AB and ViSALit AB.

Peter Weiderman

Board Member
Business degree, entrepreneur and investor. Founder of the investment company Atnotera investing in healthcare, care, education etc. 25+ years of experience from investing and executive positions. Cofounder of among others Ambea, Atvexa, Vårdapoteket and Atviva.


Ola Collin

Board member

Associate Professor and Senior Consultant Handsurgery.
Founder Atleva Specialistvård.

Gustav Ecorcheville

Board member

Engineering degree with 20 years experience from investment activity. Investment Director at SEB Private Equity, previously with 3i and Enskilda Securties.

Anders Wallmon

Deputy Board Member

Physician and specialised in hand- and orthopaedic surgery with over 30 years experience from public and private healthcare. He co-founded HandCenter 2007. In addition to his clinical work, he is active as an entrepreneur developing the specialist healthcare group Atleva. As a clinician, during the past 20 years,  he has mainly worked with hand surgery mainly with wrists a field where he is a national authority.