About Atveda

Atveda has its origins in the acquisition of 1/3 of the shares in the specialist healthcare company Atleva.

In the autumn of 2021 the next step in our company’s develop was taken through the acquisition of the remaining 2/3 of the shares in Atleva and the establishment of an experienced leadership team and board of directors.

In June 2022 Narva Åderbråckscenter AB a specialist clinic for varicose vein treatments was acquired. Varicose vein treatments will become at new specialist healthcare area within Atveda.

Atveda aims to continue its development and growth through partnering with additional specialist healthcare businesses headed by entrepreneurs who provide quality care.

We strongly believe in the inherent force that comes with a decentralised and entrepreneurial management and governance model for company’s that join us. For us as founders this is a proven model which we have applied in companies that we are or have been engaged in such as Ambea, Atvexa and Atviva.